Armani: Life Begins at 40

“Never in my wildest dreams did I entertain the idea that I would become a fashion designer.” —Giorgio Armani

It’s almost impossible to disassociate the name Giorgio Armani from design, yet even his humble beginnings as a window dresser belie his future entrepreneurial career. After serving the armed forces, Armani’s experience in a Milan department store foretold his future creative endeavours—ones that would lead to a business empire he kicked off at the ripe age of 41.


It was in 1975 when, with the help of good-friend-turned-business-partner Sergio Galeotti, the Italian genius was able to slowly but surely build his fashion empire from the ground up. His wealth of experience gave him the resilience to reinvent himself, boost his creativity, and find a second lease on life. Over the years, his inspiration did not diminish. His talent for creating sleek and timeless designs—from custom-made suits and exquisite gowns to more accessible ready-to-wear clothes and chic accessories—has made the Armani name synonymous to excellent craftsmanship.


Forty years later, Armani has pushed its boundaries and delved into luxury furnishings under the Armani/Casa line. His business sensibilities enabled his reach to cover the breathtaking Maçka Residences in Istanbul, the majestic World Towers in Mumbai, the welcoming San Pietro all’Orto 6 in Milan, the idyllic modern spaces of a Saint Tropez private villa—all signposts of consistent business and creative growth.


With the brand’s tasteful interior designs, Armani/Casa promises to provide amenities, common areas, and private spaces with classic and sophisticated furnishings, with every square inch aligned with the Armani visual aesthetics that’s proven to withstand the test of time.


Giorgio Armani has proven his weight in the business of design in all its aspects. His start may have come late, but his success is evidence that inspiration can come at any point in one’s life, and success is all a matter of putting that spark to consistent, well-worn work.