True to its aim of emboldening artist-entrepreneurs and modern Filipino tastes, the movement ArteFino will be launching the ArteFino Fair, a new prestigious annual art and craft exhibition. The event, which will run from August 25 to 27 at the Penthouse of 8 Rockwell, will carry over 70 select retailers and brands that imbibe the “Stilo ArteFino” characteristic—celebrating the art and heart of Filipino life and style.

ArteFino will offer a unique experience by focusing on Aesthetic, Craft, and Narrative. Guests will acquire a better understanding of the featured products by learning about their history, materials, and processes. They will also get to know the artisans personally, allowing them to immerse not only in the beauty of these everyday objects, but also in living Filipino traditions.

Beyond its task of exhibiting local artisanal products, ArteFino promotes the pride, integrity, and dignity of Filipino creativity. It aims to introduce a new ecosystem that empowers artisans and supports sustainable livelihood for communities. After all, it is the collaborative and interdependent relationship between artist-entrepreneurs and consumers that brings about the imagination and innovation needed to elevate Filipino craftsmanship.

Scroll through to see some of the participating brands and companies:

Abre Linea
Adante Leyesa
Art of Gold
Filip + Inna
Fleur Arts
Gabbie Sarenas
Gifts and Graces
Goodluck, Humans
Joey de Castro

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