"Coassiale" by Vittorio Venezia for Martinelli Luce

'Coassiale' by Vittorio Venezia for Martinelli Luce.jpg

This year, Martinelli Luce presented "Coassiale", a sculptural ceiling light featuring two LED spotlights housed in cylinders positioned at the ends of two cables. One of the cylinders serves as the ceiling mount and the other its counterweight. Between the two, an opal white methacrylate disc reflects the light and creates different effects. 

"Past & Future" by Piet Hein Eek for Veronese

'Past & Future' by Piet Hein Eek for Veronese.jpg

After discovering thousands of Murano glass ornaments in the basement of the Veronese workshop, the French brand's creative director Ruben Jochimek called on Dutch designer and keen upcycler Piet Hein Eek to put the trinkets to use. The designer created a series of modular glass tubes with LED lights inside, decorated with all kinds of glass ornaments.

"Yanzi" by Neru & Hu for Artemide

'Yanzi' by Neru & Hu for Artemide.jpg

For Artemide, Neru & Hu designed a surprising light with a structure evoking the branches of a tree. Sparrow-like creations perch on the branches, with brushed copper bodies topped with lights.

"Perch Tree" by Umut Yamac for Moooi

'Perch Tree' by Umut Yamac for Moooi.jpg

London-based architect Umut Yamac also brought a tree-like creation to Euroluce. The paper and brass design features birds perching on its branches.

"Cut" by Tom Dixon

'Cut' ceiling light by Tom Dixon.jpg

Tom Dixon channeled futuristic inspirations with "Cut", a faceted ceiling light.

"Astrup" table lamp by Sammode

Sammode 'Astrup' table lamp.jpg

2017 sees Sammode celebrate its 90th anniversary, as well as 50 years of the firm's tubular lighting solution that features in all its lights. To celebrate, Sammode Studio collection gets three new table lamps -- a first for Sammode, which is more accustomed to integrated lighting solutions.


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