Enzo Razon’s first art exhibit, Fur On Fire & The Children Of The Corn, ran from Oct 14-17 and was a total hit!

His parents, Lizzy and Ricky Razon were beyond proud to see the culmination of their son’s hard work and how well received it was.

Family, friends and art lovers alike attended the opening night at the Open Space where Solaire catered and Engkanto beer flowed freely. The positive energy and passion were palpable as everyone thoroughly enjoyed both the cocktail and the artwork.

Enzo even painted his signature Benny Hana block faces on the walls of the gallery, making the space itself a work of art. Each and every piece was sold out within the first hour, so be sure to look out for his next show!  

We can’t wait to see what comes next!

Covered by: Isabel Martel Francisco