After a brief taste of cool weather in February, we’re now moving swiftly into summer. As we all know, the drastic change in season will bring about a host of dermatologic problems that is best dealt with before they even arise. During his visit to Manila for the launch of L’Oreal Professionel’s newest hair colour additive, Smartbond, celebrity hair stylist Matthew Collins gave a few tips on how to maintain beautiful hair this hot and dry season.

Matthew-Collins-Hair-Contouring-Demo.jpgMatthew Collins at the demo during the launch of Smartbond

On maintaining hair when we’re not supposed to shampoo daily:

“If your scalp is oily, add oil to the ends to balance it out. It’s the imbalance of oil makes looks hair greasy. Add a little moisture to your ends using [L’Oreal Professionel’s] Mythic Oil to create the balance that looks clean.”

On sun damage that leads to breakage:

“If you’re out in the sun all the time, you have to wear a hat.”


On chlorine damage that changes hair colour:

“Chlorine only changes colour of hair that’s very damaged. So if you use Smartbond in your hair colour, you’ll have healthy hair and the chlorine is not going to penetrate your hair shaft and cause it to go green. Also, put on some conditioner through your lengths and ends before going into the pool or just don’t put your head under chlorine water.”

On frizz:

“Apply at least a pump of Mythic Oil through your mid-lengths and ends after you shampoo your hair. Keep some in your purse and apply to your ends when you get frizzy.”


On ideal / trendy hairstyles for summer:

“I would suggest a blunt bob with a lot of internal texture but not many layers. I think it’s something that’s going to lift the hair off the shoulders for the hot season, and it also looks good when you put it in a half-up style. I think you should also throw in pops of colour on the hair to be more adventurous.”

On general hair care:

“Just wear your hair naturally and embrace your natural texture.”

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