For lips

screen_shot_201.29be0082845.original.jpgKorean organic beauty brand Labiotte has come up with a way to make ‘wine mouth' pretty, thanks to its 'Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Balm', which promises to moisturize the lips while providing a light, wine-colored tint. The lip balm, which contains wine extract and comes in a wine-shaped container, is available in white, red or rosé flavors.

For body

screen_shot_201.b7cd3082718.original.jpgThis Hempz 'White Peach Rosé & Peony Herbal Body Moisturizer' doesn't appear to actually contain any wine, but it does feature summery peach extract and natural hemp seed oil to thoroughly nourish and hydrate the skin.

For eyes

screen_shot_201.3e9f9082958.original.jpgRecreate the pinky-coral hue of your favorite zinfandel with this Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Shadow in the shade ‘Blushing'. The rosy color features flecks of metallic sparkle for extra punch.

For bath time

screen_shot_201.b7cd3083116.original.jpgBathing in wine is an increasingly popular spa treatment, but if you struggle with the idea of emptying your precious bottles of rosé into the tub then opt for the next best thing. Fig + Yarrow's 'Pink Love Salts' feature mineral-rich Himalayan salt to detoxify and revitalize, along with notes of bergamot and orange for a delicious summery fragrance. Plus, the pink flakes will look very Instagrammable sitting at the end of the bath alongside a glass of you-know-what.

Just because

screen_shot_201.e6961083653.original.jpgFinally, add an 'Eau de Rosé Vibes' candle from Yes Way Rosé to your bathroom decor to create a relaxing, spa-like ambiance. Featuring notes of fresh rose petals, blonde woods and spices, this candle is a chic nod to everybody's favorite summer wine.