Vive la Femme! 

Dainty accents such as ruffles and bows add an extra feminine touch to these blush pink and cream-coloured gowns.

_AVH1973 small.jpgBonnae Gokson in Carlos Miele

DSC_6448.jpgTamara Lamunière in Martin Bautista

DSC_6616.jpgAgnes Huibonhoa in Albert Andrada

_AVH2127.jpgCristalle Belo-Pitt in Vania Romoff

DSC_6722.jpgRissa Mananquil-Trillo in Rhett Eala

Reign Supreme

Amped up by unique fabric choices and textures, the princess cut takes on a modern vibe.

DSC_6790.jpgIsabelle Daza-Semblat in Boom Sason

DSC_6580.jpgRocio Olbes-Ressano in Rajo Laurel

_AVH1675.jpgJopet Reyes in Mix Supetran

_AVH2202.jpgAnne Curtis in Vania Romoff

DSC_9452.jpgPaloma Urquijo in Rajo Laurel

Emerald City

The colour of the year makes a strong statement with ball skirts and embellished bodices. 

_AVH1787.jpgLinda Ley in Mark Bumgarner

_AVH2055.jpgStephanie Zubiri-Crespi in Rajo Laurel

AVH - 152.jpgMalu Francisco in Ito Curata

AVH - 238.jpgSarina Samson in Rhett Eala

An Eye for Detail 

Intricate detailing on long gowns evokes elegance and glamour; for modern dresses with simpler lines, subtle unexpected details add a stylish statement.

IMG_7758.jpgChing Cruz in Albert Andrada

DSC_6672.jpgCris Albert in Inno Sotto

_AVH2216.jpgAudrey Puckett in Versace

AVH - 215.jpgMarivic Vasquez in Ito Curata

AVH - 269.jpgVicky Zubiri in Dolce & Gabbana

Beruffled Beauty

Ruched here, flounced there; a bit of artful folding and asymmetry go a long way into creating structured yet flirtatious silhouettes.

AVH - 069.jpgZelda Kienle in Rajo Laurel

_AVH1696.jpgCriselda Lontok in Criselda Lontok

_AVH1764.jpgMarilu Batchelor in Rajo Laurel

_AVH1791.jpgChristine Francisco in Mark Bumgarner

Sparkle On 

Glamourous golds, bold bronzes, and bronzes, and striking metallics and pizzaz to any ensemble.

AVH - 188.jpgBonnie Santos in Valentino

AVH - 401.jpgAnna Treier in BG Haute Couture

DSC_6717.jpgAudrey Tan-Zubiri in Cary Santiago

_AVH1707.jpgStephanie Kienle-Gonzalez

Brilliant Gems

Jewel tones are both striking and flattering in silks and satins—shine on!

_AVH2078.jpgBea Soriano-Dee in Lanvin

_AVH2009.jpgIna Ayala in Versace

AVH - 078.jpgJoy Onglatco in Inno Sotto

AVH - 092.jpgFrannie Jacinto in Maureen Disini

AVH - 203.jpgMons Romulo in Inno Sotto

It’s in the Print 

Eye-catching designs are not for the faint of heart. Be a showstopper in these style statements.

AVH - 394.jpgTina Ocampo in Inno Sotto

AVH - 137.jpgFe Rodriguez in a Prada blouse and Valentino gown

_AVH1742.jpgSheila Marie Tiongco in Bo Parcon

Shoulder Off 

The off-shoulder trend migrates to evening wear and takes on an elegant form in a bevy of styles and colours. 

_AVH1812.jpgSofia Elizalde in Inno Sotto

DSC_6546.jpgCaroline Taojo in Edgar Buyan

AVH - 322.jpgDiana Jean Lopez in Tadashi

_AVH1951.jpgGina Mohnani in Ito Curata

_AVH1735.jpgRita Peña in Vania Romoff

Black Me Up

Black brings to mind edgy sophistication. Add to the glamour with thigh-high slits, sleek silhouettes, and elegant accessories.

DSC_6686.jpgKathy Yap-Huang in J Mendel

_AVH2098.jpgAivee Teo in Inno Sotto

_AVH2218.jpgShirley Hiranand in Versace

DSC_6790.jpgSmall Laude in Balenciaga

Dare to Pair 

Striking hues, unexpected pairings, and colour blocking create a unique ensemble only a daring few can carry well.

_AVH2355.jpgKit Zobel in Ito Curata

_AVH2430.jpgRia Prieto in Joey Samson

_AVH1807.jpgDuday Tuason in Rajo Laurel

_AVH1621.jpgAllana Montelibano in John Herrera

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