Criselda Lontok's designs were inspired by flowers and the springtime all of which were light and whimsical. This show was extra unique because 10 muses and close friends of Lontok were chosen to walk the runway: Marivic Vasquez, Bettina Osmeña, Mia Borromeo, Dina Tantoco, Patricia Prieto, Marilou Batchelor, Alana Montelibano, Linda Ley, Erica Concepcion Reyes, and Toni Abad. Each woman rocked the runway  with style class, and a big beautiful smile.  

Linda Ley
Mia Borromeo
Marilu Batchelor
Dina Tantoco

For this collection, you will see Lontok use her favourite, trademark fabrics such as jacquard, soft rich laces, organza, Mikado and chiffon. Flowers in all their grandness are boldly incorporated as prints as well as through beautiful embroidery, appliques and other stylish interpretations.

The designer herself has always been attracted to bright, happy colors, and mirrors this her playful creations. “I have found that nature, most especially blooms, give me the most profound joy. Just seeing the fresh flowers, touching their petals, and smelling their sweet scents instantly lifts my spirits. With all that’s happening today, I believe that wehave to constantly remind ourselves to be positive, and what better way to do that than through what we wear,” beams Lontok.

Criselda Lontok
Amb. Tantoco and Criselda Lontok
Criselda Lontok, Amb Bienvenido and Nedy Tantoco
Amb Bienvenido and Nedy Tantoco
Donnie Tantoco and Criselda Lontok
Dina Tantoco, Criselda Lontok, Gina Mohnani and Paolo Tantoco
Criselda Lontok and Vicky Zubiri

This year, she celebrates her 34 years with Rustan’s Department Store. “Rustan’s has been a great partner in my journey. It was, in fact, Glecy Tantoco, the matriarch and founder of Rustan’s, who gave me my first break.”

This Fall-Winter, Lontok captures the romantic moods of the season with a rich palette of crimson, deep pinks, vibrant jewels tones and creams against black-as-night backgrounds. Whether heading off to an intimate gathering with friends or a gala at a posh hotel, the Criselda Lontok woman always looks elegant and well put together.

“My designs - while conservative and for the sophisticated woman – is always playful and exciting. We are lovers of love and life, and so we should celebrate that in ways that bring us the most joy,” says Lontok.

The Criselda Lontok Holiday 2017 Collection will be available by first week of September in Rustan’s Makati, Shangrila, Alabang, Gateway and Cebu.

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