For the very first time, the Maison is offering the opportunity to compose your own belt, proposing a selection of buckles and straps.

With two hundred and forty possible combinations, My LV Belt undoubtedly offers the assurance of having a unique and personal belt that meets each man’s individual taste.


There are fourteen leather straps to choose from, ranging from the reversible iconic Taurillon and calf leather straps in classical or playful color combinations, to the non-reversible exotics in ostrich or crocodile, in a contemporary color palette of gray, blue, tobacco or black. Additionally, an Ombré leather strap with high-end patina in two color variations of blue and red is also offered. The brand new 35mm strap width allows for a modern and sophisticated touch.


The final touch is the twelve new lighter and thinner redesigned buckles. The offer ranges from the iconic LV Signature in shiny gold, palladium or ruthenium to the twisted buckles, a reinterpretation of the classical LV buckle, to the more precious, finely inlayed buckles with refined olive wood or agata zebrata.



For further personalisation, initials’ hot stamping on the inside of the strap is also possible. In complete line with the contemporary desire for exclusivity and customisa- tion, the Louis Vuitton client leaves the store with a unique, readymade belt.


For further information: www.louisvuitton.com.

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