Generation T


Generation T

Brian Cu

A self-professed family man before anything else, the Country Head for Grab Philippines (the largest ride hailing App in the country) strategises his work/life balance as much he would an investment. From a small start up, Brian has seen Grab mushroom into a multi-transportation platform giant. He ushered in a new era of transportation for the masses with the latest introduction of GrabTricycle and commenced an OpenTraffc partnership, democratising transport data and jumpstarting projects that help nation building. “The success of Grab is something a lot of people worked hard for—from Grab drivers to our employees. I am proud of and thankful for how the Filipino people have accepted Grab and how it has touched the lives of thousands of drivers,” says Brian, who currently has seamless “easy payment” developments in the pipeline for Grab users. “I can rest easy when I know everyone who needs to travel or commute thinks of us as their first choice.”

His passion: Entrepreneurship. “There’s nothing like solving real-world problems and making an impact on other people’s lives and being able to see the results first-hand.”

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