Generation T


Generation T

Jay Yao Campos III

Passionate about archiving and writing about the visual ephemera floating throughout our world, this creative mind is constantly churning. Jay Yao was born in Canada and lived in New York but always had part of his heart in the Philippines. This creator loves photography and mixed media applications. He has exhibited internationally, in the best galleries in the country and around the world, from Hong Kong, Sydney, Venice, to North America. Jay recently joined the permanent collection of the Asia Society in New York City. He is very proud of the work he has done with the LBGT Chamber of Commerce and his book design for The Life and Times of Purita Kalaw Ledesma. Jay is also working on his latest exhibition, which we cannot wait to see!

His definition of success: "Success is when I can say that in my life, I have run the race, fought the good fight, kept the faith and have no regrets."

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