Generation T


Generation T

Josh Boutwood

“The milestones will be with me forever but the dreams are out to be caught,” says the Corporate Executive Chef of the Bistro Group and chef-cum-owner of the much talked about The Test Kitchen. Such milestones include receiving the PCC Best Chef 2013-14 and National Culinary team of the Philippines awards as well as his stint as chef presenter for the recently concluded Madrid Fusion Manila 2017. Any time now, he will be opening Savage, a pre-industrial restaurant with the aim of becoming the Philippines’ first “zero waste” establishment. “Success is merely a journey,” explains Josh. “Those that follow see the achievements, but for me, I wish not to pause and look back but continue to strive for higher goals and dreams.” As for his inspiration, “It’s a funny thing,” says the big dreamer and father of two. “It’s everywhere to be found and often in sectors that do not relate to my own, so if and when I'm not cooking, photography is my go to passion.”

His legacy: "Short people can succeed."

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