Generation T


Generation T

Paulo Campos

Peers remember Campos as the studious and ambitious guy in class and, well, it paid off—big time. These days the co-founder and CEO of Zalora Philippines, a worldclass fashion e-commerce company and brand, has plenty to shout about. A recently announced investment by the Ayala Group of companies into Zalora Philippines for a 49 per cent stake in the company was a massive show of support and affirmation of Zalora’s standing by the conglomerate. Customers will soon be shopping brands such as Adidas, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister on Zalora thanks to continued rapid year overyear growth and vertical expansions. What Campos is most proud of, however, is creating jobs for the 500 Philippines employees. “I am passionate about the potential of the Philippines—the talent and capability of the Filipino. Our human capital is world class and our greatest asset!” he attests.

Secret to success: Achieving the virtuous cycle of happy employees, happy customers, happy shareholders.

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