Generation T


Generation T

Ronivin Pagtakhan

Lauded for his prolifc work and involvement in HIV screening and development of clinics around the country, Ronivin received the much-deserved TOYM award last year. He founded LoveYourself (LY), an organisation that advocates for the LGTBQ community, promotes sex education, and aims to counter the spread of and impact HIV has had on the country. LY is now powered by over 700 volunteers and over 30,000 online supporters. Annually, the foundation tests 20,000 individuals through its two community centres, which are responsible for at least 50 per cent of all reported cases of HIV in Metro Manila and 20 per cent nationwide. More centres are poised to open in the near future, all of which will pilot the use of new medicines and care facilities. The LoveYourself clinics plan to roll out a project called #CondimentStation, to increase condom accessibility for Filipinos. LY will also up its presence in academia, educating students on sexual health.

His legacy: Loving your selves. “I want LY to be a safe haven for Filipinos. I want it to be the go-to community centre where the youth and the LGBT-MSM community can feel safe.”

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