Choosing your bed can become a chore when you have too many options. Allow us to whittle down your choices with this comparative look at classic and modern beds from five luxe home brands.

Classic: Living Divani Lipp

Lipp Bed Living Divani.png

The sartorial detail on the headboard brings a quiet elegance to the setup.

Modern: Living Divani Extrasoft

Living Divani Extrasoft Bed.png

The edgy, assymetrical shape of the headboard plays well with the soft volumes.

Classic: Ceccotti Mamma Li Turchi

CECCOTTI mamma li turchi.jpg

This Turkish bed features handpainted elements made by the designer Francesco Maria Andrenelli himself.

Modern: Ceccotti DC Bed


The simplicity of this low-lying unit lends a minimalistic touch.

Classic: Zanotta Milleunanotte

zanotta milleunanote.jpg

Nothing screams classic better than a four-poster bed.

Modern: Zanotta Hotelroyal

Zanotta HotelRoyal .jpg

While the overall theme for the Hotelroyal seems to be the 60s, the tiny storage space gives it a modern hint.

Classic: Porro Sadoru

Porro Sadoru.jpg

The no-nonsense headboard, intimate proportions, and sophisticated details make this a classic.

Modern: Porro Lipla


The striking shape of the Lipla bed is a sight to behold, but the empty space below the headboard serves a functional purpose: it can accommodate a long bedside table.

Classic: Baxter Positano

Baxter Positano.png

The refined elements come in the form of a tufted headboard and a cosy vibe.

Modern: Baxter Couche Extrabed


The headboard boasts a geometric appeal that fits well with the soft lines of the bed’s design.

In the Philippines, all five brands are distributed by Kuysen Enterprises. (website here).

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