Caracole is bringing its distinctive, fashion-forward aesthetic into its own flagship store inside Greenbelt 5. The boutique is set to house all of the brand’s product portfolios: the Caracole Classic, the Caracole Modern, and soon the bespoke Caracole Signature. Here, designers and home decorators of all types will find something that will suit varying tastes.

Caracole has been known for its impeccable attention to the creation of unique silhouettes, fine craftsmanship, chic details and exclusive materials. Behind each design are the outlines of different cultures, lifestyles, and travel scenes that inspired the designers and engineers. From idea conception to delivery of actual items to the Caracole retail locations worldwide, the process takes up to two years.

caracole-opening.jpgCaracole endorsers Doug and Cheska Kramer, Caracole Brand Managers for Asia Luiza Fogaca and Assel Tursynbekova, with Dexterton's Audrey Go, Dexter Go, and Linnea Backman

Currently, the store carries its main streamline Caracole Classic and Caracole Modern which guarantee a wide variety of items specifically designed to suit any home and lifestyle. Soon, the bespoke Caracole Signature collection will bring an influx of regal style crafted from elegant materials and highly polished finishes.

Swipe through for some products highlights from the newly opened Caracole showroom:

Sociable and Socialite cocktail tables that have been in the Caracole portfolio since 2009. The pattern on the table has become so popular that the brand has made it its signature.
Also worth noting is the gorgeous Turn A New Leaf buffet cabinet made of Koto wood and decorated with silk-screen finish champagne coloured leaves.
Meanwhile, the bestselling Ice Breaker lounge chair is now available in dark grey fabric and in the three-seater sofa shape.
The Lattice Entertain You sofa set is also one of the most popular in the world with its exposed wood frame and an open Morrocan-inspired fretwork design on each arm panel.

Caracole is exclusively distributed by Dexterton in the Philippines

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