If you’re wondering what to you do with the sprawling space outside of your house, Paolo Lenti is here to help. The modular and eye-catching designs will surely elevate any natural space. Here’s how you can best incorporate the Paola Lenti pieces into your layout:

Colour play

The key to a beautiful outdoor setup is putting green together with other complementary colours. Swipe to find out the best combinations:

Pastel colours play well with the bright green of grass and plants.
In areas where there’s dense greenery, you can go for dark tones for a moody look.
Pristine as it is, white enhances the beauty of nature.
Go all-white for a striking appeal.

Key items

Coffee tables, armchairs, and sofas are no brainers, but there are other things you can add to your collection. Swipe through to see for yourself:

Aside from playing the practical role of providing shade on a hot day or shelter during rain, umbrellas also look stylish.
Just make sure to choose one (or more) that go/es well with the rest of the pieces.
A chic sunbed is especially useful for when you wish to catch some sun.

In the Philippines, Paola Lenti is distributed by Kuysen Enterprises. (website here).

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