Most of us have tried our hands on street photography at least once in our lives. Every time we go to a different city, we try to capture the life that reverberates through the streets with just a snap of our smartphones. We want to help you get inspired the next time you put your street photography skills to the test, so we gathered 10 Instagram accounts you can follow:



The feed highlights bustling cityscapes—from the neon-lit streets to the towering edifices of Makati and Hong Kong. The striking composition of the images will give you Instagram feed-envy!



While her feed presents a mix of black-and-white and rich colours, there is a startling intimacy to Xyza Cruz Bacani’s photos. You can’t help but feel like you’re being offered a brief but compelling glimpse into the subjects’ lives.



Jasper Tejano has a way of capturing silhouettes with equally striking pops of colour.



Aly Mananquil mixes street with fashion photography, finding the perfect balance between the two.



Panch’s Instagram feed will give you an edgier look at Manila, flaws and all.

Luis Cárdenas provides colourful snapshots of life in South America, featuring people from all walks of life.



Boogie’s gripping photographs aim to shed light on the lives of people in the fringes of society, which is why his feed has a documentary feel to it.



Marina Sersale’s Instagram plays with shapes and shadows, made all the more striking with the use of a black and white gradient.



Using his iPhone, Hannibal Renberg captures people in Paris going about their lives—a process somewhat akin to people watching.



Matthew Wylie never fully shows the subjects’ faces, adding an additional layer of mystery to already-intriguing photos that make good use of light and shadow.

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