Who wants crackly, bass lacking, no depth having audio? Nobody. 

Music has been a large part of our lives for who knows how long and has become increasingly imbeded into our daily routines, so why not do it right?

Nowadays, a good sound system is almost a requirement for your home. A quality set of speakers can really make the difference when listening to your favourite tunes or watching that new series you’re addicted to.

Most people do not realize how important sound is to a film, recording or a video. However, in actuality, it is one of the most vital qualities of a film. Viewers are more likely to watch a video with poor lighting than one that has weak audio. There are a lot of Bluetooth, wireless speakers out there in the market and they are definitely an investment well worth it. 

Check out our top 5 picks for compact Bluetooth speakers:

UE Boom 2 

ue-boom.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Ultimate Ears

The Ultimate Ears (UE) Boom speakers can play music very loudly for the size that they come in. The sound quality is great but not as crisp as that of Bose, however it is perfect for travel as it is waterproof, very sturdy and loud enough for the outdoors. You can also pair the speaker with another UE boom for increased sound and surround sound quality. This has a battery life of 15 hours.

JBL Charge 3


Photo: Courtesy of JBL

The charge 3 is another good purchase. It is louder than the UE boom so if you’re outdoors a lot this is the speaker for you. It is also waterproof and able to pair with other Charge 3’s for increased sound reach. This has a battery life of 20 hours

Geneva Aerosphere


Photo: Courtesy of Geneva Lab

The Geneva Lab  Aerosphere system is incredible for multi space use. If you have multiple speakers in spaces around your home, you can control volume and sound through their app on your phone. You are able to modulate music and sound levels per room! Feel in control while enjoying your music in crystal clear quality.

Bose SoundLink Mini II.


Photo: Courtesy of Bose

Very compact with powerful sound system that is very crisp and does not lack bass. If you are looking for a portable speaker with excellent sound quality this is the one for you. However it is not waterproof or able to pair with other SoundLink mini’s. If you do not need to get the speaker a bit wet and do not need to play it outdoors or in more rugged scenarios, then this is what you need in your life. The battery life is 10 hours. 

Bose SoundLink Revolve+

jbl-round.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Bose

Talk about high quality surround sound! This is less compact than the SoundLink Mini but its new round shape improved sound quality. It is amazing for your home’s sound-system! Again not meant for the adventurer or the outdoor lifestyle. You can’t go wrong with Bose.


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