The Haribon Foundation is an environmental organization that has advocated, for over 40 years, to protect the ecosystems that exist within The Philippines. Haribon strives to preserve the nature’s animals, flora and fauna within the country. 

Haribon works hard to protect the Bleeding-heart pigeon, which is found nowhere else in the planet except the Philippines. Sadly, this species may become extinct within the next 5 years, as there are only 400 left! 

This unique animal actually has some red colouration on its chest that makes it look as if its heart is actually bleeding! They have become endangered as their homes, our forests, have been depleted and cut down over time.

This month Haribon launches a Valentine campaign in order to raise awareness about this rare animal! The campaign is called “can you heal my bleeding-heart.” You can help by purchasing a "can you heal my bleeding-heart?" t-shirt! For only 435 pesos you can contribute to protecting these rare animals and our local ecosystems.

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