Manners, manners, manners.

No one wants to eat with someone who does not know how to eat. Sitting beside a person who eats like a slob and slouches over the table can utterly ruin your dining experience. To avoid looking foolish at your next event or on your next date, make sure to read up! 

Take note of these etiquette guidelines that one should never forget: 

Elbows off the table


Basic stuff. 

 Sit up straight

arial food.jpegNever slouch. 

Eating ahead

steak 2.jpegDo not start eating ahead of others, wait for everyone to be served first. If you are at an event hosted by someone, wait for the host to begin. 

Serving utensils

serving.jpegDo not get food from the center of the table with your own utensils as you have already used them. Even if you have not used them yet, please use the serving spoons.

Use cutlery from the outside in


It gets confusing in fine dining settings when there are a lot of forks and spoons laid out in front of you. Worry not. Simply start with the outer most utensils and make your way inwards as the meal progresses. 

Beverage glasses

glasses.jpegYour beverage glasses should be placed on your right hand side while the bread plate should be placed on the left hand side.

Eating with one hand

one hand.jpgDo not eat with one hand, while other is off the table. If the dish only requires one hand, make sure the other hand is visible on the table too. 

Napkin on your lap

napkin.jpegPlace your napkin on your lap soon after you sit down.

Chew with your mouth closed

woman-mouth-teeth-sweets-37831.jpegWe do not want to hear to see food that is inside your mouth.

Small bites please

fork chicken.jpgWe do not want to see your cheeks bulging and food puffing out of your mouth.

Do not reach over someone


When reaching for something on the table, ask someone to pass it to you instead of waving your arms over other guests. When waiters are serving guests, they too, should never reach over other diners in order to service someone their food, place a dish down or remove a plate. They should move as close to the item or the person as possible. 

Food to mouth

pasta.jpegIt is food to mouth not, mouth to food. Do not bend down in order to eat! 

Do not pile your plate with food

plate.jpegThis is very unnecessary. 

Resting utensils

rest-utensils.jpgWhen not using utensils rest them to the side of your plate. Do not leave them sitting in the middle of the plate.

When finished cross your fork and knife
steak board.jpeg

When you are done with your meal, place your utensils together, angled, to one side of your plate.

Do not pick your teeth

pick teeth.jpegWe do not want to see the contents of your mouth.

Never lick your knife

lick knife.jpgThis just is not done. 

Do not cut your noodles

cut noodle.jpgUse your fork to roll them up properly. 

Utensil usage

spoon flan.jpegDo not eat puddings, sorbets, ice creams and foods similar to these with a fork

Down to the bone

steak.jpegOnly pick up the bone (of a lamb chop for example) when you are pretty much done cutting all the meat off.


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