We spoke to 5 of Philippine Tatler's friends to get to know more about them and what they think being a gentleman means in our world, today. 

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To me the notion of being a Gentleman is ever evolving, parallel with the changing roles and relationships of men and women in society, the dismantling of aristocratic league of titles and the subsequent perceptions of Gentlemanly behaviour.

Integrity is intrinsically linked to respecting oneself and others, and is simply stated as doing what's right even when it might be harder or comes at a personal cost. I have been blessed as a hotelier to participate in many leadership workshops and training programs from the worlds best, all of whom exhibit similar traits of honesty, consistency and authenticity. Honesty is being true to yourself and others, in all dealings, all the time and taking responsibility for your actions. Consistency is related and is maintaining your message, beliefs and actions despite the difficulty of situation and potential gains for changing course. Finally authenticity relates to being true to your own personality and not being a different person to suit the requirement. A gentleman is honest, he is consistent and has authenticity in all he does, inspiring trust and confidence.

Albert Einstein mused on the role of man and said one of my favourite quotes - "Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value." Today being a man of value is the gentlemanly thing to do.

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I recall being told, in my very younger days, that good manners and right conduct were what defined a gentleman. I have found this to be as true today as it was then. To this, I would add only that a gentleman is always considerate of the feelings of others.

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What makes a gentleman is his ability to let go of his own ego for the needs of others and his cool demeanour while doing so.

 ANDY UGARTEandy-ugarte.jpg

I believe a gentleman is a man of integrity, morals and confidence. Someone that treats all others with the same respect he would give himself. One who does not shy away from honourably addressing uncomfortable situations to achieve a greater good. I wish I could say I possess all of these characteristics, but they are all qualities I always strive to achieve and maintain.

JAVIER PUNOjavier-puno.jpg

In my opinion, a gentleman is made by his respect for himself and for others. To me, that is no oversimplification. A man that has respect as a foundation, and who ensures that it dictates the way that he carries himself and interacts with others is a bona fide gentleman.


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