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Father’s Day Gifts <strong>Man of the Hour</strong><p>A fitting gift for a complex and hardworking man.</p><div></div><div></div> <strong>Package Deal</strong><p>Keep him company in his travels when you give him a luggage.</p><div></div><div></div> <strong>Money Maker</strong><p>Replace his worn-out wallet with one that has bold prints for an updated look.</p><div></div><div></div> <strong>Suit Up</strong><p>Give dad a wardrobe upgrade by buying him a dapper suit.</p><div></div><div></div> <strong>Springy Step</strong><p>Match the suit with a stylish pair of oxfords for good measure.</p><div></div><div></div> <strong>Sprightly Ties</strong><p>A new set of lively-coloured neckties can liven up any of his outfits.</p><div></div><div></div> <strong>Stay Still</strong><p>Keep him looking sharp with a set of matching tie bar and cufflinks.</p><div></div><div></div> <strong>Fountain of Youth</strong><p>This limited edition fountain pen will surely make dad feel special.</p><div></div><div></div> <strong>Scent of Success</strong><p>The man of the house doesn&rsquo;t just have to look great, but also smell great.&nbsp;</p><div></div><div></div>

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Father’s Day Gifts

Make dad happy on his special day with these special gifts.

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