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Purple Reign <strong>Modern Greek</strong><p>Feel and look like royalty with this draped dress with prominent purple accents.</p><div></div><div></div> <strong>Banded Bliss</strong><p>Take the glamour a notch higher with subtle flourishes such as when you wear this sleek cuff.</p><div></div><div></div> <strong>Sunny Disposition</strong><p>Step out into the sun in style with this pair of sunglasses.</p><div></div><div></div> <strong>Pea’s Bounty</strong><p>Sometimes a simple pair of pearl studs makes all the difference to an outfit.</p><div></div><div></div> <strong>Royal Scent</strong><p>This perfume is a breakthrough tuberose-rich eau de parfum that isn&rsquo;t sugary or sweet, but will rather appeal to a broad base.</p><div></div><div></div> <strong>Purple Faced</strong><p>The lavender dial adds a feminine touch to the watch.</p><div></div><div></div> <strong>Golden Goddess</strong><p>Take style in stride with a pair of these elegant sandals.</p><div></div><div></div> <strong>Bug's Life</strong><p>Add a bit of fun to your look with this bug-inspired necklace.</p><div></div><div></div> <strong>Skin is In</strong><p>Feel the luxury against your skin when you wear this bag.</p><div></div><div></div>

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Purple Reign

Channel your inner royal by incorporating these stylish picks in alluring shades of purple and gold into your wardrobe.

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