Since its beginning in 1979, Jewelmer Joaillerie has been literally bringing to life the pearl of the orient, the golden South Sea pearl, through a combination of science and art. Borne from the pristine waters of Southern Palawan, the rarest of all South Sea pearls evokes the rays of a golden, tropical sunset, trapped in a perfect sphere.

Very few of the pearls meet the discriminating standards for perfection that Jewelmer Joaillerie stands for. Pearls that meet the Jewelmer Joaillerie standard are so captivating that they inspire artisans to transform nature’s perfect gifts into beautiful pieces of jewelry.


As a piece of jewelry, the South Sea pearl has unparalleled lustre that enhances the beauty of its wearer rather than distract from it.


With unbounded imagination and creativity, the highly-skilled artisans of Jewelmer Joaillerie give form to precious ornaments that grace Place Vendôme in Paris. Every piece on display, from the simple and versatile to the more spectacular showstoppers, reflects the brand’s distinctive style and unparalleled techniques. With innovative design, movement and space are recreated around the pearl, making each piece of jewelry a work of art. In combining rare pearls with precious metals, Jewelmer Joaillerie takes nature’s remarkable creation and translates it into the universal language of beauty.

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