Travel is all about immersion. Extended trips to exotic locales or exploring new angles of familiar places are best done taking one’s time. This may require technologies to ensure one’s home kitchen stays fresh while away. Korean innovator LG Electronics thus introduces its latest state-of-the-art  refrigerator to frequent jetsetters who are also homeowners. Powered by new engines and smart features, the appliance pioneers a next-level design that extends the experience of freshness. Maintaining the level of craftsmanship that has marked Korean technology, the InstaView features systems maintaining the freshness of ingredients.

Beyond cool

Going beyond the basic ice dispensers of conventional refrigerators, LG’s InstaView Door-in-Door™ (DID) adds a stylish touch to a kitchen with its 33-inch sleek black glass panel and intuitive “knock-on feature” that lights up when knocked on twice. This allows users a glimpse inside without opening the door thus preserving cold air. By reducing cold air loss by up to 41 percent, food stays fresh longer.

Its spacious compartment allows users to easily store frequently consumed snacks or beverages. The unit’s storage space can be effortlessly accessed using the Hidden Button under the refrigerator door while also granting users a wider view of the items stored inside. The refrigerator also replaces conventional door handles with unique, square pocket handles that open from the bottom of the top door, adding a modern touch to its overall appearance.


At your fingertips

Its high-grade non-plumbing water and stainless ice dispensing system ensures the refrigerator can be installed anywhere at home. A streamlined high capacity tank in the refrigerator’s main compartment allows easy water refills. The door-mounted Spaceplus Ice System produces a steady supply of refreshments perfect for summer mornings. Kick back come the holidays with a muscat or merlot stored snug in the Full Wine Rack. Home gourmet and food pairing is made easier with the refrigerator’s Utility Box storing small food items such as cheeses, deli, and other fresh tapas—perfect for charcuterie dishes.

The Hygiene Fresh+ air filter eliminates potentially contaminants, unpleasant odours, and 99.999 percent of bacteria. Other internal technologies such as the Moist Balance Crisper and FRESH Balancer each regulates bacteria-growing moisture and utilises humidity by sealing the vegetable box to keep fruits and vegetables fresh all with the simple flick of a switch.

The InstaView DID is fully compatible with LG’s SmartThinQ application, incorporating the refrigerator as part of a smart home guided by a smartphone. Users can set the refrigerator temperature, control freezer and humidifier operations and diagnose appliance problems all at a swipe.


Green living

LG refrigerators are powered by the Inverter Linear Compressor employing a linear piston drive instead of the conventional reciprocating drive. This generates less internal friction, resulting in lower energy consumption and less noise, providing greater reliability and durability. The engine is backed by a 10-year warranty. The compressor is able to operate without complications for up to 20 years. All these features are lauded by independent reviewers

“With the InstaView refrigerator, Filipinos can enjoy style, innovation, efficiency and convenience in a central household appliance,” local LG Home Appliance VP Youngmin Chae shares. “Our newest device exemplifies LG’s meticulous attention to detail in maximizing consumer benefits—energy-efficiency, smart organization and long-lasting freshness.” This meticulousness is what spares frequent travellers the worries when coming home by ensuring an ever-fresh kitchen.

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