sky001.jpgSkyJet Airlines is expanding and taking new direction, all for the good of its passengers. For starter, it has brought back the frills in flying.

“We are differentiating SkyJet from other airlines by developing our own niche. We serve free drinks and snacks on board, give all passengers a ten-kilogram baggage allowance and more comfortable, spacious seats with more legroom wherever they want at no additional cost,” said Dino Reyes-Chua, president of SkyJet.


The 35-year old Reyes-Chua took the helm of SkyJet in 2014. Since then, the Stanford-trained businessman has transformed the airline into the carrier preferred by young professionals and jet-setters to their Batanes adventure, beach-combing in Boracay or diving in the pristine waters of Northern Palawan.

On top of the creature comforts, SkyJet Airlines offers the fastest flights to these exotic destinations, ideal for people who value their precious vacation time. It flies a fleet of what is known in the aviation industry as the “whispering jet”, the British Aerospace BAE-146 series 100, the very same aircraft used by Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the British Royal Family. SkyJet takes off and lands quietly, with minimal passenger discomfort. Plus, the jet’s Short Take-Off/Landing feature is perfect for the short runaways of the small island airports. Skyjet’s aircrafts are surprisingly big enough to seat 80 passengers and carry three tons of cargo, giving passengers sufficient room to bring their favorite getaway gear.


Flying with SkyJet is not only a relaxing journey on its own, it is also brings a bevy of treats with exclusive offers under its Boarding Pass Perqs program. A SkyJet boarding pass is not a mere piece of paper—it is also an added boost to one’s wallet. Its holders can get as much as 20 percent discount on food and beverages in popular restaurants such as TGI Friday’s, Italliani’s, Hama Japanese Cuisine, Café Del Sol Boracay and Aria. They can also avail themselves of discounted rates and special privileges at Discovery Shores, Mandala Spa in Boracay, and Club Paradise in Palawan, amongst others.

The Philippines’ leisure airline started out with charter flights to Batanes and the exclusive Balesin Island Club. Today, Skyjet flies to unique and exotic island destinations in the Philippines such as Batanes, Boracay, and Busuanga.

With local tourism showing robust growth, SkyJet Airlines plans to increase the number of flights and add other high-density tourist destinations to its existing routes. It is also considering to offer direct flights to Siargao and Masbate.

“Surprisingly, Filipinos nowadays are more interested in exploring the Philippines, especially island dream destinations than travelling abroad,” Reyes-Chua said.

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