Throughout time, eyewear has become a statement piece to express one’s mood, to accessorize an outfit or even to wear one’s identity like Jackie O with her oversized pieces and like Lennon with his choice of rounds. Still throughout time, nothing else apart from eyewear has been invented to directly protect our eyes from light. Gen. McArthur and the US Army of World War II couldn’t care less about their aviators as a statement piece. After all, the aviators were born from a laboratory as a commissioned device to ban the rays (hence Ray-Ban®) of the sun limiting pilots’ eyesight.

Today, the eyewear market is bustling with choices that one can easily get lost among the options. Getting the best possible eyewear that complements one’s fashion and eye care demands can be challenging in a sea of tempting selections that can be affordable and trendy yet questionable on the protective benefit. Hence, the need for an eyewear boutique that has curated the best in eyewear and can offer customized eye-care at great value for money.


Eye Society is the country’s premier eyewear boutique, home to the finest and widest selection of world-renowned eyewear brands in the Philippines. Eye Society carries exclusive and limited edition collections from brands such as Ray-Ban, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Miu Miu, Burberry, Michael Kors, Theo and many others. Within its spacious, intimate interiors, you can relax, browse open shelves lined with eyewear, and try on different shapes and styles with an assurance that all merchandise deliver both in fashion and in function- it’s a given. Even better is the complimentary eye makeover service that Eye Society’s trained, in-house stylists provide by recommending frames based on your face shape, skin tone, eye color, lifestyle and personality.


Beyond style, Eye Society is holistic when it comes to eye care, so every boutique also has in-house optometrists that conduct a comprehensive 12-step eye exam using technologically advanced equipment. They will take their time and go through the 12 steps with you, mixing objective and subjective methods to ensure you are well briefed on the state of your vision and inspired to take control of your eye health. All the way through the end is a doctor-patient discussion that involves you on your final prescription and on your choice of high quality eye care solutions customized for you.

Eyewear continues to be a must-have fashion accessory and irreplaceable eye protection device, and Eye Society is a must-visit for quality eyewear and eye care you deserve.


Eye Society, the country’s premier eyewear boutique, is located at the Avant Bldg, Jupiter, Makati City, SM Aura Premier Mall, 5th cor 32nd Fort BGC, and more key locations nationwide.

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