The fabled Manila Bay sunset gilds the dance floor as the strobe lights start to pulse and the DJ begins spinning the beats faster and harder. It is a club where, just a few months ago, the most beautiful women in the world danced to honour Ms. France as the 2016 Miss Universe.

As one of Okada Manila’s central attractions, Cove Manila whisks the senses away on a magic carpet ride to sonic and aural heights. The 9,000-sqm, 30m tall column-free dome is an ultra-luxe party space that operates both day and night, fusing the indulgence of music, ambiance, style and dining for 5,500 dedicated partygoers.  Utilizing state-of-the-art materials, architecture, and technology, Cove Manila promises a veritable feast.


As the world’s first entertainment complex that seamlessly merges audio, video, and lighting technologies, every party thrown is a spectacle in  and of itself. Its nightclub’s six-ring kinetic chandelier is the first of its kind in South East Asia to produce up to 10,000 special effects and with intelligent lighting that illuminates the whole dome and casts an amazing environment for club goers.


Strategically-placed LED screens with 3D motion graphics bring the show to everyone without getting in the way of anyone. Adding to this visual landscape is the world-renowned audio engineer Tony Andrews’ Funktion One high-resolution sound system, the only venue in the Philippines equipped so thoroughly.

Smart air-conditioning creates an unobtrusive clime that creates breezes by day and an alpine coolness at night. Wade through the 780-sqm butterfly-shaped pool and surface out onto swim-up bars, service wells, and Grab ‘N Go food concepts serving party favourites and fresh mixers. Sun up under the UV-resistant dome and lounge under well-appointed bungalows and infinity Jacuzzis.


Bedecked with all these innovations, Cove Manila envisions to be both South East Asia’s premier clubbing destination as well as the concert destination of choice for the most popular artists across the world and across genres such as EDM, Hip-hop, Pop, and R&B. At Cove Manila, day or night and with no bass too low to drop, bask in the sun without the burn.

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