In essence, life is a journey. However, given the busy, high-powered schedules of society’s prime movers, it is not exactly smooth sailing all the way. One seems forever challenged to balance a hectic career with family, travel, and an equally intense social calendar. This is where the luxury lifestyle experts at Quintessentially come in, giving the gift of time and providing lifestyle solutions for even the most hectic of individuals and discerning corporate clients.

Since 2000, Quintessentially has been providing the highest quality concierge and lifestyle services, helping to make things easier thanks to an extensive global network of specialists, who ensure that clients are able to live and enjoy the best possible lifestyle, one that is properly balanced and prepared for even the most unexpected experiences. Now with the popularity of the service growing throughout Asia and individuals leading ever more busy lives, Quintessentially has opened an office in the Philippines, taking its global reach to over 60 offices worldwide.


The exclusive concierge service has been specifically designed to cater to each client’s personal requirements and desired level of assistance, with differing tiers of membership available to reflect this. Members can expect a high level of commitment and familiarity from personal lifestyle managers who go the extra mile or two to get to know each client’s specific tastes and lifestyle preferences. In doing so, Quintessentially crafts specific and seamless lifestyle management plans, featuring a variety of services to suit individual needs at any point in time and anywhere in the world.


From requests that involve sourcing of rare, bespoke items as gifts for loved ones to outlandish, brilliant, out of the box ideas for major occasions or the trip of a lifetime, Quintessentially’s lifestyle managers will not hesitate to pull out all the stops, with expert specialists available covering every facet of the luxury market. Whether it’s a dramatic wedding proposal on Venice’s famed Bridge of Sighs or requiring a selection of amazing tropical locations for a photoshoot or dream honeymoon, every option is carefully considered and every detail expertly planned.


And it isn’t just for those big life-changing moments; lifestyle managers also help out with the more mundane aspects of daily living from restaurant bookings, to last minute baby sitters or car transfers – making life that much easier. A pre-vetted worldwide network also ensures members are connected with the best possible service providers for a wide range of requirements, from professional housecleaning services within the immediate vicinity, local dining suggestions to the best florist in town and much more.

All things considered, Quintessentially enables its members to make the most of every moment of their time, from the practical to the aspirational and all in-between.


Email at qphilippines@quintessentially.com

T+632 – 841 5590 to 92  www.quintessentially.com

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