The pursuit of perfection is at the heart of Lexus from the time of its inception over 50 years ago.

From design, state-of-the-art production process, impeccable craftsmanship to personalized customer service, each Lexus vehicle is built, finished and marketed to unprecedented standards as set by the,takumi, Lexus’ formidable master craftsmen.

Owning a Lexus means so much more than simply owning a car – it’s like being a member of an exclusive club. This is the feeling one gets at the showroom of Lexus Manila. It offers a place to rest or kill time, hold quick meetings or simply to chill.

“Lexus combines elegance and luxury with Omotenashi, the spirit of hospitality and service. It is our privilege to entertain our customers wholeheartedly. We invite our customers to feel free to drop by the showroom anytime,” said Daniel Isla, president of Lexus Manila.

Lexus002.jpgExuding serenity and grace, the showroom embodies the aesthetic and philosophy of noted Japanese designer Yuji Hirata—all within a setting of beauty and elegance with high-end finishes and luxurious furniture and fixtures. The intent is for Lexus customers to have a home away from home, a place where one can enjoy calm and quiet amidst the bustling city, where one can focus and think in  a relaxing atmosphere. The warm, muted colors of the interior contrast beautifully with dark hardwood floors. The furniture’s bold, beautiful curves and strong lines leave visitors in awe. A garden with full-grown trees provides a feeling of tranquility as well as a stunning backdrop to match the Lexus vehicles on display. And while natural light sources dominate the entire showroom, electric blinds and semi-closed spaces provide privacy, The ambience is like being a guest in a private home.

Aside from the lounge area, customers can also use a private VIP meeting room for meetings with clients or business partners. Bartenders serve an assortment of biscuits, coffee, tea, chilled fruit juice and sodas. As most Lexus owners personally pick up their brand-new vehicles, a separate sales area and driveway are provided, guaranteeing privacy during processing of the car.


Just as each Lexus vehicle is made with the driver in mind, customer service at Lexus Manila is all about caring for each customer’s well-being and treating them as if they were guests in one’s home. This combination of impeccable customer care and world-class automobiles is what perfection in luxury is all about.

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