03 Serum Trilogy.jpgThe pursuit of quintessential beauty is the quest of South Korea’s most luxurious skincare brand, Areum, an ancient name that means beauty.

Areum is a line of skincare products that is unparalleled in combining modern science with traditional Korean healing and rejuvenation methods to bring health and radiance to one’s skin from the inside out.

Areum founders David Kim, an expert in nanotechnology, and his wife Vicky conceptualised the brand to address the hazards wrought by pollution, hot climate, dust and stress on the health of the skin.

The couple invested years of research with the professionals, as well as collaboration with scientists to harmonise natural healing and science.

Thus, since its introduction, Areum has been the only brand in its class to offer a line of medical-grade skincare products.

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Areum products contain extracts from herbs and plants, nature’s very own remedies, These include the vital five primary substances derived from blueberry, which is packed with the highest level of antioxidants among all fruits as well as an active ingredient that has potential anti-inflammatory properties; pomegranate, which has various types of acids that are highly beneficial for cell regeneration and proliferation; ginkgo; rice ferment filtrate, which is rich in vitamin E as well as oleic and linoleic acids, and mulberry, a rich source of vitamins and minerals that promote anti-aging and reduce skin blemishes.

Areum treatments are all about easy maintenance and prevention. The Areum De’ssage Cleanser is quick and easy to use, eliminating makeup and impurities efficiently while calming and alleviating signs of stress. The Mystique First Essence, on the other hand, re-activates and re-energizes the skin; while the HydroPower Serum keeps skin hydrated and refreshed anytime of the day.

The endless pursuit and fusion of science with the ancient method of synergizing Korean herbs has also created Areum’s Ultra Intensive Lifting Mask. A pioneer in skincare, its combines a complex series of potent ingredients like plant extracts, Arbutin and Acetyl Hexapeptide with advanced cosmetic nanotechnology to dramatically reverse the signs of skin aging. When used at least once-a-week, the Ultra Intensive Lifting Mask lifts the skin— attaining a less-lined appearance, diminishing wrinkles, pigmentation and enlarged pores. The mask also helps revitalize and hydrate skin, restoring moisture so dry lines are plumped away.

05 Preimum Diamond Age Repair.jpg

Areum’s most luxurious anti-aging products are literally made with gold and diamonds. The Premium Gold Age Repair contains 99.9-percent 24-carat pure gold particles that helps improve and stimulate blood circulation of skin, slow down collagen depletion, increases elasticity and stimulates cell renewal, delaying the aging process and refreshing tired-looking skin. Pure extracts from Ginseng and the rare Rhododendron Indicum flower— found at locations around 3,000 meters above sea level in the Central Highlands—provides phytonutrients and multiple anti-oxidants that help boost the skin’s oxygenation and metabolism to regenerate and tone skin, leaving skin healthy and glowing.

The Premium Diamond Age Repair is the only beauty product in the market that contains refined diamonds, which eliminate toxins and purify skin cells; thus, promoting cell restoration and collagen production while reducing pigmentation and improving the reparative power of the skin by eliminating toxins from the skin. Botanical extracts such as Aloe and Moss Roses naturally soothes and hydrates skin, reduces puffiness and repairs damaged skin cells and reduces skin pigmentations.

Brought into the Philippines in 2015 by Rustan’s, Areum is redefining timeless beauty the Asian way with its comprehensive and holistic range of luxurious products.

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