There is so much to see and experience in the world that a short vacation is simply not enough. Us wanderlusts and travel junkies crave cultural adventures, food trips and views that will last a lifetime. We spend copious amounts of time ogling travel blogs and Instagram accounts dreaming up our next voyage, noting down where to go and what to eat next. Travelling is something that everyone should be required to experience at least once in their lives, as it truly nourishes the soul. To see and do things that you have never experienced before is educational in endless ways and will change you forever.

 Check out these killer Instagram accounts from travel bloggers who explore the world. Join them on their incredible journeys and take a look at their stunning photographs.


passionpassport.jpgThis is a community account that is built from the experiences of travel enthusiasts who send in their photos.


chai-wala.jpgThis gent took to a life of adventure. He quit his job in the bustling city of London, sold his belongings and headed for his dream destinations. Check out his unique take on life and his  beautiful perspective on travel.


girl-eat-world.jpgThis instagram account will both make you want to go on vacation and want to eat a whole lot of food. She takes wonderful photographs that highlight her foodie finds while exploring amazing new locations.


polkadot.jpgFollow @polkadotpassport for beautiful scenes and adventure filled posts, from rooftops, snowy slopes, beach fronts, rugged trips to luxurious hotel stays.


gypsea-lust.jpgThis account will welcome you into a world of tropical fun under the sun. Lauren’s gorgeous tan, paired with her endless supply of crystal clear beach-front photographs, will make anyone need a weekend getaway, right away. She also travels a lot with her boyfriend who is happens to be a travel blogger as well.


jack-morris-.jpgMeet Jack Morris, Lauren’s boyfriend.  Yes that’s right, this great looking couple is a travelling, blogging, photo taking dynamic duo. Jack posts about his adventures with Lauren and his journeys into exotic, tropical locations.


emlilie.jpgEmilie has a rich variety of postcard worthy photographs on her Instagram. You will find a lot of scenic, magical landscapes shot from afar or above, with Emilie’s back to the camera or with her shoes in the foreground. Her perspective and ability to capture emotion and a location’s atmosphere is artful.


jason-hill.jpgJason is a photographer from Australia who captures brilliant outdoorsy photographs that show you how breathtaking the earth can be. Follow his feed in order to get your fill of adventure and natural beauty.


benhoff.jpgThis is one talented 16 year old. He is a photographer based in Germany with an eye for the outdoors. His perspective is stunning and will make you fall in love with nature.


becker.jpgThis German travel enthusiast skillfully captures the delicate and wild facets of the environment and documents his many escapades.


oliver-vega.jpgOliver is a photographer and filmmaker from Barcelona who blogs about lifestyle and travel.  Check out his memorable experiences and playfully artistic photographs.  


With 2.5 million followers Jessica has definitely hit her stride. Follow this wanderlust and mommy to be on her many adventures around the globe to see how she spends her time.



Most popular Instagrammers post photos that highlight the beauty of the world but social entrepreneur Patrick Martin does otherwise. Martin shows in his photos the beauty of human life with the world's most beautiful destinations as backdrop. Some of his photos are #FriendshipGoals worthy for those who are seeking for a new barkada adventure.



Self-taught photographer and filmmaker Chris Burkard is known for his photojournalistic approach and his use of natural lighting techniques. 



It all started with being the official chronicler of the University of Santo Tomas' 400th anniversary. His photos were published and exhibited locally and internationally and this gave him validation that he has found his one true passion. In his Instagram feed, you will get to see his captivating hyperrealist photos of the many sights and wonders of the world.



Gary Arndt, author of the travel blog and Instagram account "Everything Everywhere", features on his account breathtaking sights of almost all destinations hailed as "Wonders of the World". It all started with the crazy idea of selling his house in order to travel the world for about a year and a half. Since 2007, he has been to 140 countries and all seven continents—and he never forgets to write about his adventures.



Perhaps the most famous Instagram account that features the best travel destinations in the Philippines is #SinoPinas. Founded by four local Instagrammers, Raniel Hernandez, John Austria, Alexis Lim, and Karl Ivan Presentacion, #SinoPinas features one place in the country at a time and perfectly weaves storytelling and photography in each photo. They also feature other Instagrammers who tag them and send their entries in their email, hence promoting as well Filipino artistry and undisputable eye for beauty.


jauncy-.jpg This account was founded by Jeremy Jauncy (an instagram personality on his own). He is an ambitious, driven, and very fit former rugby player who shares snippets of his utterly divine travel experiences. This stunningly curated account collects breathtaking photos taken all over the world and already has 8.7 million followers!  

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