Hong Kong Tourism Board is collaborating with the TLC channel in order to present a brand new season of “A Taste of Hong Kong”. This 4th season will premiere on August 14 at 9:55 pm and will highlight all that Hong Kong has to offer.

Join Filipina lifestyle and travel blogger Kryz Uy on an episode of “A Taste of Hong Kong” as she journeys through this glamorous and highly cultural cosmopolitan city through the eyes of a local.

Singer, actress and Hong Kong native, Josie Ho will be hosting “A Taste of Hong Kong”! Throughout the season she will be inviting many different international wanderlusts to join her in experiencing a day in her life. Each episode will bring viewers a local’s take on Hong Kong, giving us all an insider look at this sophisticated and bold city. 

In this special episode, which will feature a Filipino personality for the first time, Uy, will accompany Ho and Daphne Charice another upcoming singer and personality from Malaysia for this one of a kind travel experience. All three ladies will embark upon a 24 hour adventure in Hong Kong, covering everything from food, shopping, cultural highlights and the nightlife scene.

hk-5.jpgWhat sets this apart from other travel shows is that it is personal. People really only get to understand a city if they are able to live in it and immerse themselves with locals. The only way to truly know a place and the environment is to learn about its intricacies either first hand or from locals who can tell you everything you need to know – things that are not common knowledge.  

“Being able to work with Jose Ho was such an incredible opportunity. Getting to explore Hong Kong from a local’s perspective was so refreshing and definitely makes me want to discover more hidden gems in the city.” – Krys Uy

In this episode featuring Uy and Charice, they really hit the ground running. They spend tie in Old Town Central, a landmark that contains over 100 years of the city’s history. While exploring Old Town Central, Uy was able to try on traditional Chinese outfits call Qipao, but transformed to look very modern.

hk-8.jpgThe ladies started with breakfast at Lan Gong Yuen in Old Town Central. After which they went to meet local fashion designers, starting with Cecelia Ma. This international talent is known for her hand painted acrylic bags.

Their next stop was to meet with photographer Eunice Lim from Singapore who now calls Hong Kong home. The four of them gathered at one of Old Town’s hottest bars called 65 Peel Street. Winding through the quaint backstreets, these ladies began antique shopping in Cat Street. While browsing and exploring these colourful roads, a plethora of new finds, from coffee shops, stores, restaurants and galleries were discovered.  

That afternoon, the girls were treated to an impromptu photo shoot in the streets of Old Town, donning their contemporary Qipaos.

hk-11-.jpgLast but not least this travel team celebrated their jam packed day at The Pontiac in SoHo. Here they met Beckaly Franks, a master of mixology. The Pontiac is inspired by the shabby-chic, grungy yet fabulous neighbourhood bars and hidden gems of San Francisco, Brooklyn and Portalnd. A unique feature at the Pontiac is the all female bartending team – all of whom really know how to get the crowd going. 

Stay tuned to TLC for all the beautiful sights and sounds that Hong Kong has to offer. Get ready to see some top shelf Instagram worthy locations and so many unexpected treats that you have yet to uncover.

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