Redefining Travel

Travelling during the holidays can be punishing, but you can make the experience easier with this innovation

Since its establishment in 1898, this German high-end luggage manufacturer continues to be a pioneer in luggage design and technology. Its latest release is the first fully integrated digital suitcase that features an electronic luggage tag. Globetrotters will have greater travel freedom, as this has a built-in digital screen that displays baggage information near the bag’s handle. Select suitcases will offer this technology, effectively replacing the paper label usually used by airlines to transmit luggage data.

This tool allows travellers more convenience since they can check-in their luggage at home instead of having to queue at the airport. It is just a matter of pairing your smartphone with your Rimowa Electronic Tag—and they have made this possible.

Before leaving your house or hotel, you can send your digital boarding information via Bluetooth and the details will show up on the bag’s electronic display. All you have to do is leave your luggage at the automated check-in station when you arrive at the airport.

Along with Lufthansa, Rimowa made a trial run using this system in 2015, with the intention of creating a new standard for the industry.

Whether you travel for business or leisure, Rimowa Electronic Tag will definitely make the experience less stressful and more convenient. Aside from the typical groove structure of its case shells that lets you travel in style, this innovation allows you to enjoy the luxury of convenience when you fly off to your next destination.