The world’s most perfectly cut diamonds get a rock-and-roll twist in the latest partnership between Hearts On Fire and Stephen Webster MBE. In their first collaboration, Webster will be creating a high-end, all-diamond jewellery collection named "White Kites", incorporating the timeless beauty of Hearts On Fire diamonds into the bold, edgy designs that have made him a fashion and celebrity favourite for so many years.

Stephen Webster MBE is one of the most prominent jewellery designers of his generation. Combined with his own distinct glam rock aesthetic, his modern yet classic designs are admired by Hollywood icons and stars including Elizabeth Taylor, Kate Moss and Christina Aguilera. In fact, Webster’s big break was designing the wedding bands of none other than Madonna and Guy Ritchie.

For the past 39 years, bucking conventionality has been the hallmark to his success. Stephen has infused innovative design and fearless ingenuity into his designs, creating pieces such as thorny diamond cuff bracelets, or chandelier earrings in the likeness of jellyfish, and winning worldwide recognition from customers and peers alike. In 2013, Webster was honoured with a Member of the British Empire (MBE) for his contribution to the British jewellery industry.

For premium diamond brand Hearts On Fire, Stephen Webster is a brand of the same mind—united in the same goal of authenticity and craftsmanship. Each of Webster’s designs reveals his passion for unwavering innovation and artistry—a value he shares with Hearts On Fire. This collaboration is the combination of the strength and singularity of Webster’s designs with the purity of Hearts On Fire diamonds.

Partnering with a prestigious name like Stephen Webster allows Hearts On Fire to offer something completely new and exciting to its fans around the world. Both brands aim to push the envelope, be it with stand-out design or unparalleled quality, and the upcoming collection will no doubt prove this to dazzling effect.

Discover more about the collection at Hearts On Fire by Stephen Webster.

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