A Stunning Tribute

What do you give yourself or the very special woman in your life?

The Eternal City of Rome has long been a living museum of beauty and magnificence. Since the ancient times of marble columns and bronze goddess statues, the resplendent culture and timeless aesthetic of Rome has beckoned to artistic souls in search of a muse.

Since 1884, Bulgari has been the contemporary Roman artist, crafting jewelled masterpieces that are unlike any other. Throughout the 132 years, Bulgari has put women at the front and centre of its quest for aesthetic perfection, as each woman is given the chance to live her dreams through creations that glorify every facet of her femininity.

The name Bulgari has also become inseparable from the most revered and elegant personalities since the Dolce Vita era, when film stars began expressing their love for the Italian jeweller. This mutual admiration resulted in the birth of the Divas’ Dream collection, one that captures the glamour, exalts the grace, channels the radiance, and immortalises the personas of the most fabulous modern divas to walk the earth.

Bulgari understands that inside every woman is a diva—an innate, sensual, and unique part that shines through her charisma. To celebrate this, the maison updates its Divas’ Dream collection with new pieces that channel her secret dreams.

Philippine Tatler loves the new Divas’ Dream collection because it allows the wearer to explore the various facets of her beauty, personality, and mood with different styles, colours, and preciousness. Exquisitely crafted pink and white gold accentuate the exquisite coloured gemstones, carved into figures that highlight the sensual spirit of the diva. This year’s dreamy interpretations feature a shape that has been sculpted into a more creative rendition, echoing the sensual lines of the female silhouette.


This particular necklace embodies the chic nature of a diva, making use of the iconic shape of the collection and the simplicity of the pavé diamonds. It comes in feminine pink gold or brilliant white gold. Whether paired with other jewels or not, this piece can make any diva stand out.


When glamour is in order, a woman should bring out her sophisticated side and dose it with just the right amount of vanity. This pink gold necklace with a  pendant bearing a sunburst of pink sapphires and pavé diamonds can make her star of the night. The white gold version combines rich emeralds with pavé diamonds, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who lays eyes on her.


In traversing the urban landscape, an independent diva may prefer pieces that reflect the free spirit of a modern woman. The pink gold bangle with pavé diamonds and mother-of-pearl matched with the dangle earrings presents the kind of sophistication that’s also easy to carry.

True to form, the Divas’ Dream collection reflects the diverse styles, moods, and attributes of a woman. For a true Bulgari woman is dynamic—always in constant evolution. With each choice of jewellery, she reveals the diva within.