Striking Gold

Have yourself a merry golden Christmas

The pearl is the most environmentally friendly gem on the planet. Whether they are produced naturally or cultured, pearls are developed underwater, amidst thriving flora and fauna.  

There are pearls, and then there are Jewelmer’s unique golden South Sea pearls. Naturally borne from the pristine waters of Southern Palawan, these pearls are harvested from the Pinctada maxima, the largest and rarest of all pearl-bearing oysters. Pearl farms are sheltered places with constantly moving water, usually in a small channel between two islands that assure stable temperatures, a constant supply of nutrients, and freedom from human and industrial disruptions.

It takes five years of dedicated care and 377 precise steps in order to create a single South Sea pearl. Pinctada maxima oysters are bred in special hatcheries, where it took Jewelmer biologists ten years to perfect the science of breeding these gold-lipped oysters capable of producing golden South Sea pearls. Oysters are nurtured and grown for about three years before the best candidates are picked for operation.


During this process, a master grafter inserts a round bead, together with a piece of mantle tissue or saibo from a donor oyster of the desired color into the gonad of an oyster. It will take another two to three years for the oyster to form the pearl during which pearl farmers patiently care for their charges. Finally, the master grafter harvests the pearls and decides if the oyster is healthy enough for a second insertion.

What comes out of these oysters are the golden South Sea pearls that are known all over the world for their excellent lustre and rich golden color that has become Jewelmer Joaillerie’s signature.

Beyond it’s beauty, each pearl represents a symbiotic partnership between nature and man, working together to produce this living gem. As global natural resources continue to dwindle, Philippine pearl farmers give back to Mother Nature and assume the role of stewards of marine life.

The best of each harvest then goes into Jewelmer Joaillerie’s collection of fine South Sea pearl jewellery. These wearable works of art combines the French tradition in high jewellery and genuine sensibilities with Filipino craftsmanship to produce these tangible treasures that are a joy to behold and to wear


This Christmas, Jewelmer brings back their annual holiday offering: The Noël Pendant. The perfect gift, the Noël Pendant is  composed of a single golden South Sea pearl set in an 18K gold pin, the design of which changes every year therefore making each edition a collector’s item.

Accompanying this is the Noël Collection with pieces that delight the imagination and capture the joys of the holiday season. Through the playfulness of each design, from whimsical bears and snowmen, the collection complements the warm glow of the golden pearl that children and kids at heart will surely enjoy.

First two photos taken by Romain Rivierre