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Paul Syjuco marks a new chapter in his design career with the relaunch of his brand identity. The new graphic execution makes use of his signature purple colour. It is, however, set in a more elegant and subtle deep tone. 

Paul Syjuco ring of kunzite rubies and diamonds in rose gold.jpgA contrasting thin and fine typeface for AUM and a new tagline—fine jeweller—complements the dense typeface. The designer has a passion for traditional grandeur and the new logotype shows this. While the modern and almost Germanic strokes show his fierce dedication to doing things with exacting precision; at the same time infusing modern elements.


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In September 2017, Paul Syjuco revisits the values that inspired him to create fine jewelry. Honouring his original inspirations of fusing modernity with the beauty of natural materials, he unveils his brand Aum by Paul Syjuco and the Moderne collection, reflecting a new creative chapter after a memorable and deeply personal journey through Barcelona.


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Moderne is based on Art Nouveau, particularly the Spanish Modernista movement, a time captured in history when art dominated all aspects of life, and not just traditional fine art such as paintings and sculptures. Thee movement involved architecture, graphic design, furniture, utensils, and textiles.


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Taking a lot of inspiration from nature, Art Nouveau made use of flowing lines. This was a concept foreign to Paul, a totally different aesthetic from his designs. His previous collections always took cues from nature, but had never yet evoked the full expression that had been brewing within.


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There were many Art Nouveau movements in many other different countries, such as Belgium, France, Germany, and Austria.

Paul Syjuco ring of kunzite rubies and diamonds in rose gold.jpg“I’ve always loved Art Nouveau as it is so romantic, extravagant and ornate; possibly one of the reasons it was relatively short lived as it was expensive to execute. But to see Barcelona and experience the architecture and designs that were and still are incredibly beautiful---this was when I felt that it wasn’t just a movement but a true, radical revolution. The buildings weren’t just adourned with nature, they seemed to be from nature itself. These were not just decorative, you could feel the passion.

The ideas were expressed in timeless heritage sites of such scale. Seeing works by Antoni Gaudi, Luis Domenech i Montaner and Josep Puig i Cadafalch up close, I thought there was only one word for it: ‘insane’. Another would be otherworldly.”


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From the ironworks, the arches and mosaics, Modernisme is complex and layered. “It wasn’t trying to be beautiful in the usual way. It bordered on grotesque to some degree. And this called out to me so much in that it’s very rock and roll. I like rock and roll!”


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Going against the norm of what is beautiful, but also pushing limits of design and art--wildly imaginative, radical and ahead of its time.

Paul Syjuco tassel pendant of sapphires Ethiopian opals jadeite carving and seed pearls in gold.jpg“I could identify with that in that I agonize over the tiniest detail, of a line or position of stone. Not to say that my work will ever come close to these heritage structures but I always hope that the work I do will evoke similar emotions.”


Moderene will be on view to the public on these dates:

September 19 - 23, 2017 at Aum by Paul Syjuco, the Peninsula Manila, Makati City

September 26 - 30, 2017 at Aum Trinoma, Quezon City

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