A beautiful headpiece can be the crowning glory of a stunning wedding outfit. It can secure your veil, take your hairstyle to the next level, or just make you feel like a modern-day princess from head to toe.

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If you're looking for a glittering cherry-on-top, check out these seven diamond and gemstone-studded wedding tiaras from our favourite jewellery maisons:

Royal tiara set with natural pearls and diamonds, Cartier
Splendeur de Russie tiara set with diamonds,  Boucheron
La Nature de Chaumet Passion Incarnat tiara set with red spinels, rhodolite garnets, tourmalines and diamonds, Chaumet
Tiara set with multi-shaped white and yellow diamonds, Graff
Colour Treasures high jewellery tiara set with sapphires and diamonds,  Bulgari
Lily Cluster tiara  set with diamonds,  Harry Winston
Sveva tiara crafted with almost 500g  of gold and set  with diamonds  and akoya pearls,  Damiani

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