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page 38REV-1.jpgBernadaud plates; Christofle flatware; Ralph Lauren decanter; Lenox glassware; all from Rustan's

page 38REV-2.jpgRosenthal plates and bowls; Da Vinci and Bohemia glassware; Christofle flatware; Ralph Lauren carafe, all from Rustan’s

page 40REV-1.jpgCaracole’s All That Jazz sofa

Mckenzie Mint Julep cup in silver from Maison 68

Untitled-3.jpgEthan Allen Ming Chest

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Cassina’s Antropus chair from Furnitalia


Wisteria lantern from Crate & Barrel 

Untitled-1.jpgSilver and crystal bar set from Ralph Lauren Home

What better way to start creating your lives together than putting forth ideas for one’s first home? Warmth, comfort, style, taste all come into play.

You consider his tastes and yours and what can become yours. Does that mean a great compromise or do your likes coexist and complement each other’s?

Whichever way you do decide to furnish your very first haven together, be inspired by the glow and brilliance of your love and seek to have that feeling mirrored in your surroundings.

Build your look based on favourite items...perhaps a painting that resonates with you both, a piece of furniture or vintage silver. You don’t have to start with everything purchased in one go. Part of the fun is acquiring treasures as you go along, letting specifi c items call out to both of you. Strive for quality over quantity and remember that they don’t need to be perfectly matched. Don’t let costs get in the way of crafting your one or two pieces at a time and savour waiting to complete a collection. Tastes evolve as we grow and charm and uniqueness are all in the details.

Here we share with you some things we adore and ideas for your home. May they serve to stimulate your creativity as you build that treasured first abode.

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