_D014807.jpgAgainst the exquisite Old World colonial backdrop of Antonio’s in Tagaytay, the lovely designer and model Rocio Olbes exchanged vows with the man of her dreams, development banker Antonio Ressano, in a charming and infinitely romantic garden wedding.

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Guests flew in from over four continents to witness the handsome couple tie the knot. In the absence of his late father, Ambassador Antonio Ressano Garcia I, Antonio personally asked the bride’s uncle, Don Antonio Ortigas Olbes, to escort his new mother-in-law, Cristina Olbes, down the aisle. The bride’s father, Rene Olbes, was beside himself with pride while primary sponsors Governor Joe Zubiri, Ernest Cu, and Butch Albert together with Maricris Olbes, Lara Villafuerte, and Ana Ugarte surrounded the altar as they promised to guide the couple in this new chapter of their lives together. “They are the first couple to use a leaf cord at the altar. It was incredibly beautiful,” says Robert Blancaflor, who worked closely with Rocio on planning her big day.

p. 48-1.jpgA classic confection by The Delightful Miss Joyce

p. 48-24.jpgNewlyweds Antonio and Rocio Ressano

p. 48-2.jpgCris Albert

p. 49-1.jpgAntonio Ortigas Olbes and family

p. 49-2.jpgPia and Pocholo Moreno Garcia

p. 49-2.jpgBridesmaids Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi, Aziza Mondoñedo, Maggie Wilson-Consunji, Tricia Centenera

p. 50-1.jpgSanti and Marilen Elizalde, Alfredo Roca

p. 50-2.jpgKristoffer Larsen, Raoul Olbes, the groom and his mother Doña Teresa Benegas Lynch, Jonathan Crespi, Richard Tiu

p. 52-2.jpg"I can honestly say we wanted the wedding to be as simple, soft, and understated as possible" - Rocio Ressano

p. 50-6.jpgPatricia Rincon Olbes, Rene Ros Olbes, Virginia Rincon Olbes, Loreta Rincon Olbes

p. 52-2.jpgLuis Yanguas and Maud Von Schreeb

p. 52-3.jpgZelda Kienle, Maria Cristina Hernandez Cacho de Olbes

p. 52-3.jpgJessica Kienle-Maxwell, Rossana Ocampo-Rodriguez, Sandra Peña Paradies, Georgia Schulze del Rosario, Isabel Martel Francisco

p. 52-8.jpgAndrea Gonzalez, Francesca Olbes, Carolina Olbes Fandino

The debonair groom donned a traditional barong tagalog while the bride dazzled every eye in a hand-embroidered lace gown by Rajo Laurel. The intimate affair exuded understated elegance and radiated warmth, leaving guests with a sincere feeling of pure exaltation for the newlyweds.

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