TWG Tea Grand Wedding Caviar Tin      Tea.jpgFor the perfect wedding table adornment, TWG Tea offers its exclusive wedding collection featuring the exceptional Grand Wedding Tea in Caviar Tea Tin, captivating Tea Scented Candles and luxurious tea accessories for the joyous occasion.

A true celebration of one of life’s most precious moments, this exquisite selection will enchant the senses with a decadent blend of luxurious flavours and aromas to last a lifetime.  

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An enduring favourite, TWG Tea’s Grand Wedding Tea is as tantalizing and mysterious as love itself. A breath-taking black tea that has been carefully blended with pure white blossoms, as fragrant as a bride’s bouquet, and a scattering of exotic fruits which lend their soft, honeyed sweetness to this intoxicating blend. Ideally paired with a meal or a sweet slice of wedding cake, this delightful cup perfectly complements a meal.

Rose Dome Teapot in Black.jpg

For the newly married couple who deserve the finer things in life, TWG Tea’s striking Rose Dome Teapots with filter and warmer are the perfect addition to wedded bliss.

Rose Dome Teapot in White.jpg

Memories will sweep over them as they pass the time sipping the most exclusive tea blends from this artfully crafted teapot that boasts an in-built filter, and is finished with a polished metallic golden rose warmer.

TWG Tea Rose Dome Tea Set.jpg

Envelope your guests with the elegant fragrance of bergamot combined with downy leaves of imperial white tea, from the White Earl Grey Scented Candle, presenting a romantic ambience of raw purity reminiscent of the couple’s love for each other. 

A rhapsody of romance, TWG Tea’s wedding collection will enrapture with luxurious savours and sensations as precious as the moments they commemorate.

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