210º by William Mahi Launches New Menu


June 16, 2017 | BY Isabel Martel Francisco

Try the contemporary à la carte menu now at 210º Kitchen and Drinkery - you won't regret it!

210º Kitchen and Drinkery rolls out their new à la carte menu -- head on over!


Photo: Courtesy of 210º Kitchen and Drinkery

Chef William Mahi and his wife Heather proudly reveal the restaurants à la carte menu - one that is chuck full of food that you need to try. Dishes are welcoming, simple yet innovative, and absolutely tasty.


Photo: Courtesy of 210º Kitchen and Drinkery

The restaurant is named 210º because it means something important to Chef Mahi. Specifically, 210º  is his perfect roasting temperature, and the number symbolizes his “more than 180º shift rom Fine Dining, to Fun Dining.”

210-dining.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of 210º Kitchen and Drinkery

French chef William Mahi departed from the fine dining world of Michelin starred restaurants and hotel service to pursue his own initiative. Here at 210º, you are welcomed into his world, a much more personal atmosphere. Chef Mahi can show each and every guest a little bit more about who he is, and share what foods he loves.

210-chef-table-and-poster-.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of 210º Kitchen and Drinkery

“The restaurant serves French comfort food. It may not exactly the usual home-style French food that you might expect, but it is comfort food the way that William remembers it to be and likes it to be.” – Heather Mahi


The new menu has something to suit every mood and craving. There are even vegan options! Everything is made depending on what is fresh this season – from meats to vegetables. For such quality food, their price points are excellent. There are stunning dishes that are so flavour packed and cooked to perfection, all of which are well priced.

From pan seared duck liver with popcorn, a top notch grilled rack of lamb, steak tartare, mussels, risotto, a vegetarian tart to frogs legs and fried chicken – take your pick and get ready to eat!

foie.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of 210º Kitchen and Drinkery

Pan seared foie gras


The Beetroot

food-lamb.jpgRack of lamb


White asparagus


Tarte Tatin


Grilled Octopus


Baby calamari


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