5 Chefs, 10 Hands: Madrid Fusion Manila


April 11, 2017 | BY Isabel Martel Francisco

5 internationally acclaimed chefs joined forces to create a night to remember.

4 restaurants, 5 chefs, 10 hands, 1 rare evening. 

On April 8, Madrid Fusion Manila 2017 ended on a definite high note.

The Event

Josean Alija (Nerua), Julien Royer (Odette), Ray Adriansyah and Elke Plasmeijier (Locavore), and Chele Gonzalez (Gallery Vask) were the 5 masterminds behind the 10 hands dinner organized by Cross Cultures by Cheryl Tiu in collaboration with Gallery Vask. These internationally acclaimed chefs worked together to create an unforgettable menu, consisting of 2 dishes from each of their respective restaurants.

Cross Cultures by Cheryl Tiu is a unique dining events platform that works to create, one of kind, food oriented events. Cheryl Tiu (our Generation T top 100 lister) fuses her passion for food with her belief that it is through excellent meals that people can truly gain an understanding of one another’s cultures. Tiu strives to create culinary memorable experiences that also place the spotlight on talented chefs from around the world. For this event, she partnered with Gallery Vask to host the perfect ending to Madrid Fusion Manila.

As guests arrived, every place setting had an autographed menu and a gift bag, commemorating the culinary adventure that was Madrid Fusion Manila 2017, and celebrating the meal to be had. 

The Chefs

Josean Alija of 1 Michelin Starred Nerua in the Guggenhiem Bilbao, is constantly in the “search for essence.” Ever since his motorbike accident that left him without a sense of smell or taste, chef Alija had to find his way back, and was totally reborn with a new found passion for food.

Chefs Ray Adriansyah and Elke Plasmeijier of #49 to Asia’s top 50 best restaurants, Locavore, dedicated themselves to going local because they believe in becoming a part of and supporting the community you work in, and community whose food you cook. Everything about Locavore is related to Indonesia, to Ubud. 

Chele Gonzalez of #35 of Asia’s top 50 best restaurants is the chef of our very own local, Gallery Vask. Chef Gonzalez has pushed the envelope of Filipino cuisine, taking our local ingredients and recipes to brand new heights – making us extremely proud along the way.

Chef Julien Royer of #9 of Asia’s top 50 best restaurants and 2 Michelin starred Odette, in Singapore, skyrocketed to success. Chef-owner of Odette, which has only been open for around 2 years, has absolutely made waves in the culinary world.

The Meal

These wildly skilled and innovative chefs have been lauded by respected establishments, and have made their names known. This exquisite menu was a glimpse into what is served at their revered restaurants’. Get an inside look at the evening:


Tomates en Salsa, Hierbas aromaticas y fondo de alcaparras by chef Alija, Nerua 


55 degree egg with smoked potato, chorizo and buckwheat by chef Royer of Odette 


Kokotxa -- cod with cockle and pilpil sauce by chef Alija of Nerua 


Into the Sawah -- duck egg with everything tha grows and lives around the rice fields of Ubud by chefs Adriansyah andn Plasmeijier of Locavore


River Prawns with kecap, genger and batak sauce by chefs Adriansyah andn Plasmeijier of Locavore


500 : Maya Maya with almond, saffron, onion, lemon and cinamon by chef Gonzalez of Gallery Vask


Pigeon (nose to tail) by chef Royer of Odette 


Amaranth leaf with bumbu bali by chefs Adriansyah andn Plasmeijier of Locavore

Behind the scenes!



Chef Plasmeijier 


Chef Alija and chef Gonzalez




Chef Royer




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