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Digest 7 Best Restaurants That Hit All Our Asian Cuisine Cravings

7 Best Restaurants That Hit All Our Asian Cuisine Cravings

7 Best Restaurants That Hit All Our Asian Cuisine Cravings
By Philippine Tatler
December 03, 2018
There are just some evenings that call for a high-carb, indulgent dinner. What best way to spoil yourself but with a serving of a steaming Asian dish? Browse through our list from the Best Restaurants Guide 2018 that serves hearty Asian Cuisine and take your pick!

1/7 Azuthai

Are you up for some really good homestyle Thai cooking? Then head to Azuthai, which serves up a dependably good dining experience in a relaxing space, often fragrant with lemongrass. A menu packed with favourites keep both regulars and new fans coming back for more. 


  • You must have their steamed whole boneless apahap. It is tender and so flavourful with lime, fish sauce, fried garlic, coriander, and dill.
  • The U.S. Angus beef ribs with tamarind sauce is truly memorable as is their stuffed eggplant with pork, yellow bean, and hot basil.
  • Have either the green chicken or roast duck red curry. They are both superb and spice levels can be customised.
  • Indulge in the house ruamit—this Thai style halo-halo is so refreshing with fruits and strips of coconut.

2/7 Benjarong Royal Thai

A serene setting ideal for enjoying royal Thai cuisine featuring classic centuries-old recipes that blend herbs and spices with the freshest ingredients to enhance natural flavours, appealing to the senses as well as the palate.


  • Start with tord man gung or lightly spiced shrimp cakes fried to perfection, or yam pla duk foo, a crispy catfish salad with green mango and cashews.
  • The gaeng khieo wan gai or green curry chicken has a balanced blend of sweet and spicy, which makes a joyous pairing with the fragrant jasmine rice.
  • Have some delicious seafood or meat fresh off the wok such as the phad bai kaprao, a dish enlivened by garlic, onion, chilli, and basil.
    Reward yourself with little parcels of happiness with the tako dessert of water chestnut with coconut and tapioca pearl pudding.

3/7 Mango Tree

Mango Tree’s menu embodies the many-splendoured essence of Thai cuisine. Each aromatic dish starts with a startling flavour and ends with an appreciation of a new twist.


  • A good starting point is the Golden Feast—a Thai smorgasbord of fish and shrimp cakes, pork and chicken satay, and spring rolls with accompanying dipping sauces.
  • The phad phong ka ree or stir-fried mud crab meat in yellow curry is perfection. For the carnivore, the see krong moo yang nam phung, grilled pork spare ribs with herb seasoning are finger-licking good. The tart, spicy and salty herb dipping sauce may have been meant for the ribs but it paired off nicely with the crunchy veggies. The khao pad kai (fried rice with prawns) melded with the excellent dishes.
  • A simple but effective finale to a superb repast is the sakoo nam Ka-Ti, warm sago topped with rich coconut cream.

4/7 Mantra Bistro

The setting is simple but if you’re hungry, the generous portions are the perfect fit. The dishes are true to their origins—they’re flavourful and spicy. 


  • It’s apparent that all the dishes on the menu use ingredients that are native to the origins of the cuisine. There is enough balance between meat dishes and seafood dishes, vegetarian entrées, and the stomach soothers that are a must at Indian meals like raita, made of cool cucumber, mint, and yoghurt.
  • The chicken biryani is flavourful and makes a hearty one-dish meal if one is able to resist trying other dishes such as the fish curry, made with fresh tanigue, and the filling eggplant bharta. These are best eaten with a side of cool raita and dipped into with a garlic naan.
  • The meal can be very heavy so leave some room for kulfi, a cardamom-infused milky ice cream made the traditional way.

5/7 People’s Palace Thai

The food is consistently good and the prices are reasonable. The staff are friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable about the menu.


  • Always make a reservation. It's always a full house.
  • One of the bestsellers, the catfish with green mango salad, deserves its title. The catfish is fried to a crisp but never oily, while the green mango with tomatoes and onions just complements the savoury fish.
  • The khao soi gai is a Northern Thai speciality of chicken pieces served with crisp noodles immersed in a mild red yellow curry sauce. Listed under soups, it has a good balanced flavour.
  • The famous papaya salad, som tam, can be rather spicy. Best to specify your degree of spice before you mix the ingredients of fresh green papaya, peanuts, hot chilli, and authentic Thai fish sauce.

6/7 Sariwon

A straightforward locale for authentic Korean barbecue, Sariwon offers a practical approach to dining by using high-tech smokeless grills to provide better ambience for its clientele.


  • The seng galbi is made from choice USDA short ribs, cut and marinated at your personal grill, and not to be missed. For a different take on beef, the Sariwon bulgogi is a classic, buttery soft and served alongside freshly made potato noodles.
  • A hearty vegetarian option that still ranks high in flavour is the dolsot bibimbap, a savoury rice dish mixed with sautéed vegetables and chilli paste in a hot stone bowl.
  • For a quieter experience, set your meal time past noon or a little later in the evening.

7/7 Spices

Spices led to the European discovery of the new world. Here, the diner can discover its allure from an array of dishes imbued with spices from all over the region. The menu comes with a wide range of Southeast Asian and Indian dishes.


Do dine in the main room; the room in the back could do with brighter lighting.

  • The green papaya salad with grilled chicken and the roti canai make for good starters.
  • The asam goreng (beef short ribs) is a hearty dish made more exciting with tamarind sauce.
  • The bhindi do pyaza, okra mouth-wateringly sautéed with onions, tomato, coriander, and chilli, is masterfully prepared.
  • The laksa rice noodles in coconut soup with bits of seafood is worth a try even if on the sweet side. The same goes for the thab-thim krob (ruby chestnut in coconut milk syrup).


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