9 Foodie Finds at Day 2 of Madrid Fusion Manila


April 7, 2017 | BY Philippine Tatler

Spotlight dishes that were featured in the Madrid Fusion Manila 2017's "nose to tail" themed regional lunch

Day 2 of culinary expo Madrid Fusion Manila (MFM) 2017 held a lunch that was themed "Nose to Tail". MFM's lunch is themed to highlight and showcase the different regions of The Philippines, along with key ingredients and produce.

"Nose to Tail" presented chefs with the opportunity to demonstrate how almost every part of an animal can be utilised to create an exquisite dish -- nothing is put to waste! The practice of limiting food wastage by cooking nose to tail has become quite a popular trend in the culinary world relatively recently, but has actually been an integral part of Filipino culture and tradition, for years. 

Booths from a plethora of restaurants lined the walls of the venue, all of which paid tribute to meat and elevated our local cuisine. Meals were prepared by amazing chefs like: Niño Laus, JP Anglo, Jay Angeles, Patrick Go, Francis Lim, Sunshine Puey, Mizel Zagairre, and Kalel Chan. Alternatively, in the middle of the room, the department of tourism set up classic, traditional Filipino fare, complete with ethnic decorations to help showcase our Filipino heritage.

At Madrid Fusion, our local chefs continue to make us extremely proud. The cuisine, flavours and talent of the Philippines were front and centre during the regional lunch. 

Check out some of the stand-out dishes: 

Jay Angeles

_.jpgDinakdakan: chopped beef tongue, braised oxtail, smoked liver and pig's brain mousse by Chef Angeles of  Healthy Kitchen Manila, Creative Dishes and Recipes.

 JP Anglo

sarsa-adobo.jpgNext Generation Adobo: chicken heart, intestine, gizzard, tail and skin adobo with burnt coconut and garlic rice, and soft boiled eggs topped with salted egg liver pate and crispy kesong puti from Sarsa Kitchen and Bar 

Kalel Chan

dinoguan-taho.jpgSmoked Dinuguan Taho: smoked pork blood pudding with sampaguita-kafir sauce by Raintree Group of Restaurants

 Patrick Go

skewer-over-brown-porridge-.jpgPig's head skewer with brown rice porridge with pickled pork tongue, batwan braised pork ears, and coconut smoked pork cheeks with a smoked pork hock congee by Black Sheep

Nino Laus

betamax.jpgBetamax: grilled chicken blood with 70% Davao dark chocolate with crispy chicken craw and pili, inengkanto rice crisps cashew crust, ube puree with uni kalamata and kamias emulsion by Ninyo Fusion Cuisine

Francis Lim

terrine.jpgKilawin Kambing Terrine: goat loin, leg, rib and shoulder in vinegar dressing by Chef Lim of Tipple and Saw, Nav Modern Thai Cuisine.

Mikel Zaguirre

kare kare.jpgKare-Kare: tripe and braised oxtail with 3 nut puree, pickled banana hearts, braised peanuts, balaw-balaw and binatog by Locavore. 

Manam's Sisig

sisig-pancit.jpgSisig Fideos: a Medley of Asian noodles with assorted vegetables with sisig by Manam of The Moment Group of Restaurants

Manam's Puto 

manam-puto.jpgBlack Moon Puto: rice cakes flavoured with dinuguan topped with cured egg yolk by Manam of The Moment Group of Restaurants

 Madrid Fusion Manila is held at the SMX Convention Center, from April 6 to 8, 2017. To know more about Madrid Fusion Manila 2017, please feel free to follow Philippine Tatler Dining on Instagram: @tatlerdiningph | To stay updated with the latest foodie news, watch this space. 

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