A Dish to Remember


January 11, 2017 | BY Philippine Tatler

We round up some of the components that make a dish truly memorable and excellent

Food comes in all shapes, sizes, colours and interpretations; it can also teach us so much about a person and a culture. However, what makes an excellent meal is very subjective as everyone has their own preferences. These are what we consider to be the key elements that truly affect a dish.




Your choice of ingredients can make or break your dish. These elements serve as the building blocks of the over-all taste you are going for. The careful curation of these parts translate to the diner, and with a careful hand and culinary prowess, these individual ingredients should blend beautifully upon serving. 

Cohesiveness of Flavours


Too salty! Too spicy! These are the kinds of comments that more often than not make a dish fall flat. If one or two ingredients stand-out too much it might overpower the rest of the elements included making the particular dish a miss rather than a hit. 



Fresh and well-sourced ingredients serve as the proper beginnings of a great dish – when you opt for frozen items or components that have passed their prime, it can truly affect the general taste and quality of your product. 



Of course, if the very smell of the dish makes you excited to dig-in, then that’s definitely a plus! It stimulates the diner’s appetite and makes the experience that much more memorable.



A truly great dish will be well thought out and inspired. The individual behind the recipe should have had an idea of what they hoped to achieve when serving the meal, in order to properly and effectively execute it.



How food is presented to us is very important. We see how something is plated before we try it, forming our first impressions, deciding if it is worth eating or not. How food looks will also either attract or repel diners from ordering the item of off the menu. 

Cooking Technique


The skills and kitchen know-how greatly impact the meal. Understanding what techniques to use and when to use them, will help to enhance ingredients. 

Experience of Chef

pexels-photo-29346.jpgAside from having excellent technique, years of experience and having worked with different chefs, builds confidence and skill level in unique ways. It definitely gives a restaurant and its food more character.



As cliché as it sounds, loving what you do is probably one of the most important ingredients in any recipe for success.