A French Twist with Chefs Tatiana and Katia Levha


April 7, 2017 | BY Maritess Garcia Reyes

Half-French, half-Filipina sisters, Tatiana and Katia Levha brings a fusion of French classics with Asian touches


On the first day of Madrid Fusion Manila 2017, delegates took delight in inspiring and educational talks by some of the world’s renowned chefs.

In a session entitled From Stem to Stern, the young and talented chefs Katia and Tatiana Levha of the popular Le Servan restaurant in Paris describe their place as a source of a great meal at affordable prices.

After growing up partly around Asia and partly in France, Tatiana spent time at L’Arpège and L’Astrance before opening the restaurant with her sister Katia, who had just come back from the Mandarin Oriental London.

Tatiana and Katia established the 40-seat restaurant three years ago. Serving à la carte menu that is serious but with a distinctly laid-back experience, the menu includes traditional French fare infused with interesting Asian flavours. While the menu constantly changes each day, seasonal favourites are creatively offered depending on what’s available or abundant in the market. 

At Le Servan, dishes are kept simple and ingredients used are ensured to be of high quality. “We look to choose what’s available, healthy, affordable, and would go well with our wines, ” shares Tatiana. “We also place orders depending on what our staff would like to explore and serve. It’s a pleasure to find your staff very enthusiastic to work out with what you bought,” adds Katia.

Le Servan offers a cosy dining experience with a light, airy vibe complete with a well-stocked bar and charming hand-painted ceiling. 

When asked what are their initiatives on sustainability, the sisters answered, “Sustainability is a major concern in our restaurant. It is evident in our purchasing of ingredients as well in waste management.”

In the end, the Tatiana and Katia were happy to share that the French culinary scene “has been receptive in the Asian influences they bring to their dishes.”


Le Servan is located at 32 Rue Saint-Maur, 75011 Paris, France. For more information about the restaurant, visit www.leservan.com or follow them on Instagram @Le Servan.