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Digest A Step Towards Sustainability: Nespresso

A Step Towards Sustainability: Nespresso

A Step Towards Sustainability: Nespresso
By Kenn Anthony Mendoza
June 26, 2019
Nespresso launches a green initiative to help preserve the planet

All our actions, whether big or small, have consequences. When we don’t dispose our waste properly, no matter how big or small, it contributes to land pollution. The world generates at least 3.5 million tonnes of plastic and other solid wastes a day, according to the World Bank. Our trash is slowly destroying the environment; if no preventive measures are implemented, this poses a threat to the planet.

Big companies have joined the crusade towards sustainability. Nespresso, an industry leader in coffee sourcing and carbon efficient operations, ensures that with the coffee you consume, you’re creating a positive impact on the environment. By launching a local recycling programme in the Philippines, the brand empowers consumers to assume responsibility. By simply bringing the material to available collection points in Metro Manila, they can do their part to preserve the environment.

Nespresso uses aluminium capsules to seal the coffee’s flavour and aroma. The pods are embossed with an opulent matte polish for an eye-catching effect. More than just shielding coffee from oxygen and moisture, aluminium is infinitely recyclable, and ultimately reduces the carbon footprint.

The process of recycling goes a long way. First, Nespresso separates the coffee residue from the aluminium, through a shredding and sifting process. The shredded aluminium goes to a smelter to be transformed into new products.

Other capsules are sent to Negrense Volunteers for Change, a foundation that uses aluminium for decorative crafts that are sold online and at art fairs. Proceeds from the sale benefit local artisans and also go into other socio-civic programs.

Residual coffee grounds are converted to organic fertiliser, which go to organic farm partners Nutriganics Farm and Saret Organic Farmville. Adding coffee grounds creates better soil structure by improving water retention and aeration without any trace of toxic and synthetic materials.


Nespresso’s devotion to sustainability goes beyond training farmers and paying premium prices for coffee. It has taken a stand to commit to a greener tomorrow by recycling aluminium capsules. Properly disposing it doesn’t end there; the company is proactive in ensuring that the aluminium goes beyond the cup to reuse it in a number of ways

Today, the company has the capacity to recycle more than 92 per cent of used capsules across different countries. By 2020, it aims to introduce convenient recycling solutions to all its users.

Victorinox Swiss Army knives, Caran d’Ache pens, and even new capsules—these are some of the fruitful by-products of the recycling programme. With a goal of reducing waste for a greener tomorrow, Nespresso paves the way for the next generation to enjoy the environment, one cup at a time.

“In recent years, the concern about sustainability has grown stronger among Filipino coffee lovers,” says managing director Patrick Pesengco, Novateur Coffee Concepts, Inc. “We are launching this programme to enable our customers to be responsible consumers. But most important, we want them to know that they, too, have a crucial role to play in this effort.”

You can bring your used aluminium capsules at the following collection points: Nespresso Boutique at the Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Nespresso Pop Up Stores at The Podium, Greenbelt and One Bonifacio, BGC (starting July 2019); Rustan’s Department Stores (Makati, Shangri-La, Alabang). Home pick up is available for orders made via, while direct collection is available for business-to-business accounts. For more info, visit, or call at (02) 477 7870.


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